Rice is one of the most versatile foods on the planet.


Gur Ke Chawal Recipe

Gur Ke Chawal is a recipe that sweetens rice for a deeply flavorful dessert. It is a simple and healthy rice variety made with rice, jaggery and nuts. This recipe is gluten-free, easy to make, and yields perfect results.

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Broccoli Peas Pulao Recipe

Adults need 1 mcg of vitamin K per kilogram of body weight, which means a 75k g adult would need 75 mcg of vitamin K a day. Just 100 g steamed broccoli provides 145 mcg of vitamin K, so this nutrient can be easily achieved through diet alone.

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Cucumber Curd Rice Recipe

Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin K, which helps transport calcium to bones. Just one unpeeled cucumber contains about 22% of your daily recommended intake, so feel free to add cucumber in yours recipes. Cucumber & Curd combination is so great as it helps you feel fuller until your next meal.

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Tomato Bhaji Pulao Recipe

A single tomato can provide about 40 percent of the daily vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant which prevents free radicals from damaging the body’s systems. It also contains vitamin A and potassium, as well as iron.

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Pudina Rice Recipe

Mint is a great appetizer or a palate cleanser. The aroma of the herb helps activate the salivary glands in your mouth as well as the glands which secrete the digestive enzymes, thereby facilitating digestion. It also soothes the stomach in case of indigestion or inflammation.

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Lettuce Rice Bowl Recipe

When you want to present rice in a different style to yours guests then Lettuce Rice Bowl is an good option. Rice has its own unique subtle taste and sticky texture that bonds the strong flavor of different viands and side dishes to it, and this bonding tones down the strong flavor of salt, spices, and soya sauce that could be too powerful for the taste buds.

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Mustard Rice Recipe

Health benefits of mustard include relief from muscular pains, psoriasis, ringworm, contact dermatitis, and respiratory disorders. Different parts of the mustard plant have been proven beneficial in preventing cancer, managing diabetes, and detoxifying the body.

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Soya Pulao Recipe

Soybeans are rich in copper and iron. Both are essential for the red blood cell formation. Increased red blood cell production increases oxygen to the cells and improves the metabolic activity. This prevents conditions like anemia.

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Lemon Rice Recipe

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in developed countries and a leading cause of anemia. Pairing foods that are high in vitamin C with foods that are iron-rich maximizes the body's ability to absorb iron. Mostly find it difficult to include lemon in food.

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