Watermelon (तरबूज) Cucumber (खीरा) Summer Treat Salad and Sprouts
Watermelon Cucmber Salad Recipe

Watermelon Cucumber Salad goes very well with yours grilled sandwich.Its refreshing and healthy, this watermelon salad makes a great summer side dish. Give it a try in this hot summer.

Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Total Time (Minutes): 15
  • 1 Bowl fresh Watermelon Cubes
  • 2 Yellow bell peppers
  • 1 Cup chopped Onion
  • 1 Cup chopped Cucumber
  • 1 Cup Tomato
  • 2 Tbsp Olive oil
  • A pinch of Jeera powder
  • A pinch of Oregano
  • 10-12 Olives -Optional
  • Parsley & lettuce, chopped
  • Flax seeds or sunflower seeds (Optional)
  • Salt & pepper-To taste

  1. Add olive oil,oregano, jeera powder, salt, pepper, parsley, lettuce leaves, flax/Sunflower seeds in a bowl and whisk it well.
  2. In another bowl, put the watermelon cubes, yellow bell peppers, onion, cucumber, tomatoes and olives.
  3. Add first mixture with second mixture. Toss it well.
  4. Serve chilled.