Coconut Jaggery Burfi Recipe

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Coconut Jaggery Burfi Recipe

Jaggery is a rich source of iron, it can easily help in the prevention of anemia. The consumption of jaggery is extremely beneficial for pregnant women. Due to the presence of a large number of minerals and vitamins. Consuming coconut & jaggery, both provide required warmth and energy as well to the body in the winter.

Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Total Time (Minutes): 25
Servings: 3
  • Grated Coconut - 1 Cup
  • Jaggery/Gurr - Half Cup
  • Cardamom/Elaichi Powder - Half Spoon
  • Chopped Nuts - 2 Spoon
  • Ghee - 2 Tsp
  1. Heat 1 spoon ghee in a pan. Add grated coconut & jaggery. Cook on low to medium flame. Keep stirring. jaggery will start to get melt.
  2. Once jaggery melts, add chopped nuts, cardamom powder,
  3. Grease a thali with ghee & spread the mixture on it. Use spatula (with a back of spoon) to spread it evenly.
  4. Let it cool. When its cooled & settled, cut it into pieces.
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