Rava Onion Uttapam

Chilla Onion Semolina
Rava Onion Uttapam

Rava onion uttapam is a simple recipe made with rava/semolina, curd & chopped onion. In this recipe, you don't need to soak anything overnight OR grind Or blend the ingredients. 

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian
Total Time (Minutes): 20
Servings: 2
  • Rava - 1 Cup
  • Curd - Half Cup
  • Water - Half Cup
  • Salt & Spices
  • Chopped Onion
  • Chopped Coriander leaves
  • Ghee/Oil
  • Baking Soda/Eno Salt - One fourth spoon
  • Few Tempered Curry Leaves & Mustard Seeds
  1. Mix rava & curd in a bowl. Let it rest for five minutes. Now add water gradually to make a smooth batter (not running one).
  2. Add salt, red chilli/black pepper powder, tempered curry leaves & mustard seeds. Stir it well.
  3. Now add baking soda in one spoon oil & mix in batter. (Do not stir much) . Pls make sure you add baking soda at the time when you start making uttapam.
  4. Heat a pan. Grease it with oil. Pour one laddle batter and spread it in little thick & round shape by gently rotating the ladle in clockwise.
  5. Now sprinkle chopped onion on the top & coriander leaves over it. Once top layer looks slightly cooked, gently press onions with a spatula.
  6. Pour 3 to 4 drops of oil around uttapam. Cover it with lid. Let it cook on low flame for 3 -4 minutes. If its cooked from the bottom side then flip it.
  7. Flip it gently and cook another side too in the same way applying oil. Once cooked from both sides. Enjoy it hot.
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