Bhaji Pav (Sandwich Style) Recipe

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Bhaji Pav (Sandwich Style) Recipe

Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, and vitamin C.Diets rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Vegetable sources of potassium include sweet potatoes, white potatoes, white beans, tomato products (paste, sauce, and juice), beet greens, soybeans, lima beans, spinach, lentils, and kidney beans.Bhaji Pav (Sandwich Style) is a a unique way to make yours family eat more and more vegetables.

Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Total Time (Minutes): 30
Servings: 2 people
  • Chopped and boiled mixed vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, carrot, green peas and cauliflower) - 1 Cup
  • Chopped Tomatoes - Half Cup
  • Oil
  • Chopped onion - 2 Spoon
  • Pav bhaji masala
  • Salt to taste
  • Pav (Prefer brown pav)
  • Butter & lemon juice

  1. Heat oil in a broad non-stick pan, add chopped onion and saute on a medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Add the tomatoes, mix well and cook on a medium flame, while stirring occasionally.
  3. Add pav bhaji masala, mixed vegetables, salt. Mix well and cook on a medium flame for 10 to 15 minutes, while stirring occasionally and mashing it very well with a potato masher.
  4. Cook bhaji very well so that no moisture is left.
  5. Heat a non-stick tava, add little butter and slit open the pavs and roast on it.
  6. Place a pav on plate and spread 2 tbsp of the prepared bhaji on the lower halve and close it with other half.
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