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Avocado Bhel Salad Recipe

If you want to have avocado in indian spicy way then try Avocado Bhel Salad. You get sweet, tangy, crunchy, spicy taste and nutrition dose in one bowl of avocado bhel. Fiber is nutrient that avocados are relatively rich in.

It is indigestible plant matter that can contribute to weight loss, reduce blood sugar spikes and is strongly linked to a lower risk of many diseases.

Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Total Time (Minutes): 15
  • Few Papri
  • Chopped Tomato - Half cup
  • Chopped Onion - Half Cup
  • Sev - Half Cup
  • Green coriander chopped - 2 Spoon
  • Lemon Juice - 2 Spoon
  • Salt & Chaat Masala to taste
  • Avocado (Peel off) into small dices - 1 Cup
  • Half Cup Roasted Murmura

  1. Mix together sev, papri, onion, tomato, green chilli, avocados, salt, chaat masala, roasted murmura.
  2. Toss them gently and add lemon juice and chopped green coriander. Toss again and serve immediately.
  3. NOTE: Adjust seasoning according to your taste like add tamarind pulp, coriander chutney or any other seasoning you like.
  4. You can add steamed/blanched sprouts too.
  5. Avocado quickly change color after it's been cut. That change in color is a result of oxidation so always eat it fresh.