Apple (सेब) Chips and Nachos
Apple Chips Recipe
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Now you don't need to worry about gaining weight with all those chips that you consume while sitting in front of the TV! These homemade baked apple chips are healthy snacks to replace your favorite bag of potato chips.

It’s amazing how different an apple tastes once the moisture is removed.

Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Total Time (Minutes): 60
  • 2 apples, sliced crosswise 1/8-inch thick, seeds removed
  • Salt, sugar and cinnamon

  1. Heat oven to 225 degrees.
  2. Arrange apple slices on two parchment-lined baking sheets and bake for 45 minutes.
  3. Flip, then continue baking until crisp.
  4. Remove ,season it with salt,sugar & cinnamon and let it cool completely.
  5. keep thrm stored in an airtight container.