Chips & Nachos Recipes

Chips are type of snack in the form of a crisp, flat or slightly bowl shaped, bite-sized unit. Chips are typically potato or grain-based, but can be made of any food substance that can be reduced to a thin, crisp form. While most chips are savory snacks, sweet fruit chips such as apple chips and banana chips are also available.

Hassel Back Sweet Potatoes
Ragi Chakli
Wheat Khakra Rajma Nachos
Sweet Potato Chips
Tomato Chips
Banana Chips
Pumpkin Chips
Lauki Chips
Apple Chips
Spinach Chips (Baked)
Karela Chips
Bajra Methi Chips
Crispy Capsicum Chips
Carrot Chips
Brinjal Poppy Seeds Chips