Aashirvaad Instant Meals Suji Halwa with Jaggery Cup

Presenting Aashirvaad instant meals, which brings you the taste that takes you home. Just add hot water and wait for a few minutes, and your favourite breakfast is ready to satisfy your home-food cravings! Conveniently packed in a cup, you can now relish the taste of home, anytime and anywhere.


Nobody knows the efforts that go into making a home meal like Aashirvaad. We have given your mother’s nurturance a modern twist and created a range of breakfast and snacking meals that are made with the goodness of grains and vegetables.

Instantly made, you can enjoy the convenience of having it anytime and anywhere. Just like your mother would put that extra love to her dishes that brought out that delicious taste, We put in our love and care to bring to you these instant dishes that taste just like home! - enjoy the range: khatta meetha poha with millets, veggie upma, mini idli sambhar and suji halwa with jaggery - just add hot water! - no added preservatives - comes with a spoon.

Brand: Aashirvaad
Price (INR): 75
Packaging: 80 gm