Wondering What is Making Yours Stomach Gassy?

Gas in stomach make it hard for you to feel at ease, which can deal a serious blow to everyday life. You feel embarrassing too, particularly if passing an excessive amount of gas. The best way to reduce gassiness is to identify those foods & bad habits that cause problems.

  1. Foods that have a high fiber content are a frequent offender when it comes to causing symptoms of gas and bloating.

  2. keep a record of what you eat and how it makes you feel. Some foods are naturally gas-powered.

  3. Spicy foods have been shown to boost the increase the acid in your stomach and thus causes gas.

  4. Sucking on candy,drinking carbonated and fizzy drinks also cause gas.Chewing gum also makes you swallow air, which can compound the problem.

  5. Certain fruits may contain another form of sugar called sorbitol that may produce gas. 

  6. Starchy foods such as bread, corn and potatoes can lead to intestinal gas causing discomfort. 

  7. As we age, our ability to break lactose down decreases, which can cause gas after eating milk products. Ice cream and fluid milk are very high in lactose. 

  8. Gulping your food down is going to compound the problem because you're also gulping air when you eat fast.