Paprika - A Powerhouse of Vitamins

Paprika - A Powerhouse of Vitamins

Paprika is a spice made from grinding dried bell peppers and chili peppers. Its flavor is pretty mild in comparison to chili and cayenne peppers, which are fiery spices. This is because it has a lower dose of capsaicin, a compound which is responsible for causing the burning sensation. Its color varies from bright orange red to deep red depending on the type of peppers used.

What is the difference between sweet, hot and smoked paprika?

The sweeter or more delicately flavored paprikas are usually mainly for coloring, with a hint of flavor while the heat of the spicy paprika is for the cook who likes a more dominant flavor. The same is true with the smoked paprika.

Benefits of Paprika:

  • One cup of paprika contains 9 percent and 2 percent of the recommended value of iron and copper, respectively. A deficiency of iron can lead to anaemia.

  • Each tablespoon provides 2 milligrams of vitamin E, or 13 percent of the recommended daily intake determined by the Institute of Medicine.

  • Paprika is rich in vitamin A with 71 percent of the recommended need per serving. 

  • Paprika is also an excellent source of Vitamin C - 117 milligrams per cup, which is more than twice the amount of Vitamin C found in an orange.

  • It contains 4.5 percent of the daily recommendation of Vitamin K for adult men and 6 percent for women. This nutrient is beneficial for growth and development of the bones. 

  • The vitamin B6 in paprika may promote melatonin production and enhance your levels of norepinephrine and serotonin, hormones that are linked to mood and happiness.

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