Papaya Seeds Benefits

We do enjoy papaya pulp but papaya seeds end up in the trash. They also have immense health benefits. They have a positive effect on your overall intestinal ecology - a vital component of good health and disease prevention. 

Papaya Seeds Benefits

  1. Papaya seeds help rid your body of parasites such as intestinal worms.

  2. They work really well for overall detoxification of the liver.

  3. They can combat bacterial infections and possibly even treat food poisoning caused by bad bacteria.

  4. They help to improve protein digestion and prevent problems like constipation and bad gas later on.

  5. Papain, an active enzyme in papaya seeds is currently being studied for topical applications on burns, irritations, and wounds.

  6. Papaya seeds also can be used to promote kidney health allowing the kidneys to naturally help your body to rid itself of toxins.

How to Eat Them

Papaya seeds are often used as a pepper substitute as they have strong & bitter taste. You can dry them first in sun & them make a powder. You can sprinkle this powder on Raita, Salad or Curd.