Nuts Sprouting Benefits

Nuts Sprouting Benefits

We all know that nuts are nutritional powerhouses for our health. But do you know that sprouting them activates and multiplies nutrients (particularly Vitamins A, B, and C), neutralizes enzyme inhibitors, and promotes the growth of vital digestive enzymes.

A major benefit of sprouting is that is unlocks beneficial enzymes. These enzymes make all types of grains, seeds, beans and nuts easier on the digestive system. This also helps increase beneficial flora levels in the gut so you experience less of an autoimmune type of reaction when you eat these various forms of seeds.

The concentration of different proteins in sprouted foods seems to vary, most studies indicate that proteins become more digestible when the seeds are sprouted. When a seed begins to sprout, natural chemical changes take place. As a result, enzymes are produced to convert nutrients for the growing plant to utilize.

As sprouting continues, complex proteins are converted into simple amino acids, making them easier on digestion.

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