New Year = New Healthy Food Habits
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At the beginning of the New Year, our motivation for changing our eating habits is often very strong. But as we get busy it can become difficult to keep our resolutions. It's imperative to create realistic goals and increase your awareness about what you're eating.

Humans eat for many reasons other than hunger, but by being conscious of your habits you can take control. Eat only when you feel hungry and stop eating before you feel full. Don't eat while distracted. Eating while watching TV or on the computer leads to increased calorie intake. Being in touch with your body and your hunger cues will help you take control of your eating and your waistline.

When time is short in the morning, you can take breakfast with you on the go. Don't eat while driving! Yogurt, instant oatmeal, fresh fruit, breakfast bars, and granola are excellent portable breakfast options. Baked goods like bagels and muffins often come in very large portion sizes. Be mindful of how much you eat or choose healthier options. It's important to eat something in the morning to kick start your metabolism, even if it's not traditional breakfast fare.

Cooking is definitely a key factor in weight management. If we all cooked more, the world would be a better place! Seriously. Preparing meals can have an immense impact on our lives. By cooking we are eating whole, real foods, strengthening our relationships with our friends and family by sharing meals, being more mindful about the foods we're eating and developing positive relationships with food as we take ownership of our choices.

Unfortunately, many of us don't realise what we're actually eating so be cautious of what  you are eating in Coming year!

Happy New Year!