Ginger - A Miracle Ingredient to Beat Winter
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Weather is getting colder, many people experience symptoms of the flu and this happens due to number of reasons.Ginger is a staple of herbal remedies, runny noses and other indications of congestion are staples of winter. In Ayurveda, ginger is used for kaphic conditions like congestion and runny noses. Ginger’s antiviral actions include stimulating macrophage activity, preventing viruses from attaching to cell walls.

Ginger aids in loosening up phlegm and expands the lungs so that difficulty in breathing is removed.

In winters, treat yourself with a warm cup of ginger tea daily or add ginger paste in yours food & soup because it helps you to fight diseases that you are prone to get in winter.

Ginger Drink to treat cold, flu

Combine ginger (1 part), cinnamon (1 part) and lemon grass (2 parts). Steep 1 tsp of the formula for about 10 mins in 1 cup of hot water, strain it and add honey if you like. This tea  will help reduce symptoms of cold.

Another remedy you can try is ginger cinnamon cardamom tea. Mix ginger (2 parts), cinnamon (3 parts), cardamom (just a pinch) and add honey for taste if you like.