Benefits of Red Bell Peppers

Red capsicums, being riper, are sweeter than green capsicums. Shape also varies with each variety, from the more commonly found blocky shape to a pointy capsicum. Red bell peppers are an excellent addition to a healthy diet.

Benefits of Red Capsicum:

  1. Red capsicums are a good source of vitamin C, folate and vitamin B6, and a source of vitamin A.

  2. Increases your metabolic rate, i.e. helps to burn calories, thus effective for weight loss.

  3. Bell peppers are loaded with various vitamins and minerals, and are exceptionally rich in vitamin C.

  4. Red peppers are one of the highest veggies in lycopene, which has been shown to help prevent many cancers including prostate and lung.

  5. It also helps you generate red blood cells, which carry oxygen to your tissues to keep you feeling energized.

  6. Lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoids found in relatively high amounts in bell peppers, may improve eye health considerably when consumed in adequate amounts.