Benefits of Paneer

Benefits of Paneer

Paneer is also one of the most important milk products. Paneer is mostly liked by all the people as it is very easy to prepare and digest including richest source of healthy nutrients. 

  1. Paneer is the rich source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, minerals and protein which are required by the body in high proportions for healthy growth and development.

  2. Paneer is rich in amount of protein, which helps in removing weakness and making the body fleshy.

  3. Paneer also contains potassium.It helps to relieve muscle cramps,stress,anxiety,brain disorders.

  4. The high protein component of paneer also helps slow release of sugar into the blood and prevents abrupt hike and decline in blood sugar levels.

  5. It is good for body builders because paneer has casein & it is a very slow-digesting protein and releases energy slowly.

  6. Paneer is wonderful food for pregnant women as they need lots of calcium and phosphorus to support bone development at this time.

  7. Paneer is rich in fiber & magnesium, so it works to maintain your digestion. The magnesium present in paneer can also prevent constipation.

  8. It helps in producing red blood cells and keeps the heart healthy.

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