Benefits of Kalonji Seeds

Kalonji is black seeds of Nigella Sativa plant, and it is often called as black cumin. It is used in most popular Indian dishes like Kadhi, samosa, dal, papdi, and kachori. It finds its use in several forms like kalonji oil, roasted seeds and raw seeds.

Benefits of Kalonji Seeds

  1. Kalonji oil helps in treatment of acne.

  2. It has possible blood-sugar lowering properties and may help your liver and kidney function problems.

  3. It is a natural painkiller that can relieve your pain quickly without any side-effects. It is best used for getting rid of headaches. 

  4. kalonji seeds when consumed with warm water help in promoting weight loss.

  5. You can heal your cracked heels by soaking your feet in warm water containing one teaspoon Kalonji oil and lemon juice.