Benefits of Buckwheat (Kuttu)

Buckwheat is packed with nutrients and good amounts of energy. The flowers of the buckwheat plant have a pleasant fragrance with rich, pungent, malty, molasses and an earthy taste. These are used for manufacturing a strongly flavored, dark brown-colored honey. 

Benefits of Buckwheat:

  1. It is rich in fiber that is extremely important for cleansing of the digestive tract in the body.

  2. It has vitamin B-complex as well as vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B (niacin). In addition, it also contains trace minerals like phosphorous, copper, iron and zinc.

  3. It has good amount of minerals. Minerals including magnesium, iron and phosphorous keep blood oxygen at a healthy level.

  4. Regular intake of buckwheat is essential for postmenopausal women as it lowers the risk of high blood pressure, breast cancer, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases.

  5. Buckwheat is  a low-calorie and well-balanced food. Buckwheat lowers fat accumulation and can help maintain the body’s metabolic rate.


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