Banana Flour
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Banana flour is the next big Desi Superfood - Green Nendram Podi. The latest entrant in the gluten-free food club, green nendram podi, is an indigenous super food and is slowly becoming popular. It’s grown locally, is natural with no additives, high in starch and fiber, is very good for the gut and, most importantly, is hypoallergenic.

Raw banana powder is a good source of carbohydrates and potassium. The Kerala green bananas also have carotenoids, a precursor of Vitamin A. Banana powder porridge with milk and ghee is nutritious. The process to make it is simple to follow. Slice green bananas as thinly as possible, soak them in water to prevent discoloration and then dry them under the sun till they are completely dry.

Then slowly process in a blender, till you get a fine powder, which will be pale yellow in color and have a mild aroma of bananas. Done. It is a great substitute for wheat flour and a boon for people who cannot digest wheat products and those who want to add nutritious food to their diet.