Bottle Gourd (लौकी) Chips and Nachos Gram Flour (बेसन)
Lauki Chips Recipe

Bottle gourd (Lauki) is a vegetable high on water and is a rich source of vitamin C, K and calcium. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart and brings down bad cholesterol levels.

Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Total Time (Minutes): 20
Recipe Yield: 2 People
  • Bottle Gourd Slices - 1 Cup
  • Besan - 2 to 3 Spoon
  • Salt & Spices to taste
  • Chaat Masala OR Oregano Seasoning
  • Oil

  1. Mix besan, salt, spices, little water in a bowl. Make a thick batter,
  2. Now apply this thick besan mixture on both sides of ghiya slices. Do not apply very thick layer.
  3. Heat 2 spoon or more oil in a pan. We need to shallow fry these marinated slices on medium flame.
  4. Place slices in the pan & cook on medium flame till you get nice golden color on both side.
  5. Take them out on a tissue paper. Sprinkle chaat masala or any other seasoning you want.
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