Pizza is Italian origin dish, consisting of flattened (circular) base of wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and various other ingredients baked at a high temperature.


Margherita Pizza Recipe

Margherita Pizza has an interesting namesake, and was so named in honor of the Italian Queen consort, Margherita. Queen Margherita loved pizza and a famous pizza maker is said to have created this specific flavor in her honor.

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Oats Bread Pizza Recipe

The fiber-rich, slow-burn carbohydrates in whole-grain oats supply a steady stream of energy that your kids’ bodies and brains can draw upon all morning long.

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Cauliflower Pizza Recipe

The nutrition profile of cauliflower is quite impressive.Cauliflower is very low in calories yet high in vitamins. In fact, cauliflower contains some of almost every vitamin and mineral that your child need.

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Bread Pizza Toast Recipe

Pizza Toast is easy to make in the morning and don’t require a lot of time to prep up.It is also the easiest way to make kids to eat vegetables.

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Vegetable Pizza Recipe

This recipe is simple veg pizza recipe that is baked in oven. The toppings can be changed as per your preference.

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Pizza Omelete Recipe

An omelete that looks like a pizza. The easiest & healthiest kind of pizza you could ever make for your family. This low carb pizza omelete requires few ingredients, and you can add extra toppings of yours choice.

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Cheese Pizza Recipe

A pizza whose only topping (besides sauce) is cheese. No veggies and nothing else.

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Pizza on a Pan / Tava Recipe

You can make your favourite pizza on your stove top itself.Yes,You heard it right!  All you need to cook the crust on the tawa over a burner with toppings of yours choice. 

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