Idli ia a type of rice cake, originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular as breakfast food in southern India. Idlis are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice. The fermentation process breaks down the starches so that they are more readily metabolized by the body.


Pan Fried Idli Recipe

Pan Fried Idlis are made in tadka pan & loved by kids and adults. Pan Fried Idli can be cooked when you are in a hurry that especially suits as lunch item for school going, children.

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Locho Recipe

Locho is steamed Gujarati Farsan (Snack or Side Dish) originated in Surat. It is made from Gram Flour. The dish derives its name from its loose Consistency and irregular shape like dumplings. Locho, means a messy mixture.

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Cornmeal Idli Recipe

Corn is rich is in Vitamin B12, folic acid and iron which helps in the production of red blood cells in the body. It helps in reducing the risk of Anaemia, by supplying enough of the nutrients required to produce fresh Red blood cells.

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Red Rice Oats Idli Recipe

Red rice is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants and magnesium, which helps in preventing and curing several disease. Red rice helps in regulating the insulin level. The low glycemic index of red rice helps in controlling the sugar level and is good for diabetic patients.

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Pumpkin Idli Recipe

Pumpkins are a good source of fiber, which helps keep you feeling full and promotes healthy digestion. Pumpkin Idli is easy to do & super healthy breakfast option from South Indian Kitchen. It is prepared using grated pumpkin and idli rava. 

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Beetroot Idli Recipe

Drinking beetroot juice has proven valuable enough in boosting your energy levels. Including beetroot in yours diet, you can increases plasma nitrate levels and boosts physical performance.

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Bajra Dhokli (Winter Treat)

Bajra is considered superfoods because it is additionally rich in Vitamin B, Protein, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus. Bajra is said to be a miracle millet with iron content which 8 times higher than that present in rice.

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Idli Sandwich Recipe

Idli Sandwich is a fusion recipe where you make grilled sandwich with idli batter instead of bread. You can stuff these sandwich with filling of yours choice.

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Idli Burger Recipe

A breakfast snack which is healthy & easy to make. It is stuffed with scrumptious stuffing and the texture of idli is soft to eat. When you don't have time to cook sambar in the morning or you have left over idlis, give this recipe a try.

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Rava Handvo Recipe

When you are tired of idli & dhokla then its time to try Rava Handvo. It is a Gujarati dish that is nutritious as well simple to make. You can add vegetables of your choice. The tempering of cumin, sesame, mustard seeds & curry leaves give it a such a good taste. You also don't need a special tool / pan / microwave to make it, you can cook it in any pan.

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Wheat Rava Idli Recipe

Wheat Rava is well known for providing a significant source of dietary fiber, but it is also a great source of minerals and some vitamins. It is high in fiber so it is believed to be one of the best foods for weight loss.

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Green Gram Idli Recipe

Mung beans Idli has immense benefits such as; helps in weight control, lower blood pressure. lowers cholesterol and heart disease risk, may help fight cancer, boost immunity and protects against infections, improves skin health, provides detoxification benefits, decreases PMS syndrome.

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Vermicelli / Semiya Idli Recipe

Vermicelli is an amazing food item which have noodles like quality, an excellent breakfast when you need some refreshment of taste even they are healthy and easily made item. It is made of all purpose flour.

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Spinach Idli (Winter Treat) Recipe

Spinach idli is a way to avoid the boredom of eating normal plain idli.Spinach idli is highly rich in protein, light and a healthy dish. It’s really a good option for breakfast.

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Carrot Idli Recipe

Carrots are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A (from beta-carotene), biotin, vitamin K (phylloquinone), potassium and vitamin B6.

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Oats Wheat Rava Idli Recipe

Oats Wheat Rava Idli is a healthiest breakfast option. You can add vegetables too. It is easy to digest.

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Maravalli Kizhangu Idli Recipe

Tapioca is enjoyed throughout the world, and is relied on as an essential part of certain cultural diets due to its uniquecomposition of carbohydrates. Vitamis, minerals, and Organic compounds. These include a very low level of saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. It is also a rich source of dietary fiber, “good” cholesterol, and protein.

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Tadka Idli Recipe

Idli is a steamed cake originating from Southern India. Idlis are made in a specialized mold and eaten with chutney, vegetable stew or other flavorful toppings for breakfast or as a snack.

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