Maggi Ready to Eat, Masala Onion Poha Express


MAGGI Ready to Eat, Masala Onion Poha Express Poha has been a part of our food culture for ages, delicious yet light it is also the perfect snack to satiate your sudden hunger pangs. Preparing mouth-watering poha at home now gets easier, quick and fun with MAGGI Masala Onion Poha Express.

Soft fluffy ready to eat poha filled with goodness of rice, jeera tadka and aromatic curry leaves for a wholesome treat. It is garnished with crunchy peanuts and a dash of tanginess; all you need to do is add 70ml of hot water and enjoy a delicious snack in just 4 minutes.

A pack of Masala Onion Poha is a convenient way to spend some fun time with family. You can also give it your own little twist and prepare Maharashtrian Style Kanda Batata Poha or Indori Style Poha in just a few minutes. (Refer pack for more details)

Method Of Preparation: Empty the Maggi Masala Onion Poha into a bowl and add hot water (approx. 70ml (1/2 tea cup)). Mix well and cover it with lid, keep the lid closed for 4 minutes. Open & enjoy! Allergens: It may contain Gluten and Milk. Storage: Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place.

Brand: Maggi
Price (INR): 65
Packaging: 25
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