Belonging to the member of rose family, pear is a fruit that is juicy and can have a mildly acidic to sweet taste. It typically has a rounded body that tapers into a neck. Pears are available in different forms: fresh, dried, canned or in the form of juice.

The fruit is available in variety of colors from green to brown. They are used majorly in desserts and are a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C.


  • Contains some vitamin A, vitamin E
  • Good Source of Vitamin C
  • Great Source of Fiber
  • Good source of vitamin K and boron

Health Benefits

  • Low-calorie food
  • Prevents or treat digestive issues
  • Helps in fight with Diabetes
  • Help heal muscle tears post workout
  • Prevents bone breakdown

Purchase Guide: Look for pears that are firm, but not too hard. They should have a smooth skin that is free of bruises or mold. The color of good quality pears may not be uniform as some may feature resetting where there are brown-speckled patches on the skin; this is an acceptable characteristic and oftentimes reflects a more intense flavor. Avoid pears that are punctured or have dark soft spots.

Storage: Place them in the refrigerator where they will remain fresh for a few days.Storing pears in sealed plastic bags or restricted spaces where they are in too close proximity to each other should be avoided since they will have limited exposure to oxygen, and the ethylene gas that they naturally produce will greatly increase their ripening process, causing them to degrade. Pears should also be stored away from other strong smelling foods, whether on the counter top on in the refrigerator, as they tend to absorb smells.

Pear Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Pear Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Pears contain many antioxidants like vitamin C and chlorogenic acid. Antioxidants seek and neutralize average cell-harming free radicals that can destroy cells or turn them into cancer cells. Pears are an excellent source of fiber. Dietary fiber can aid to prevent constipation, helping to make your bowel movements easier to manage.

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