Peach is a type of fruit that comes from the deciduous peach tree native to China and South Asia. Peaches are seen with high regard in Chinese culture. In many other cultures, peaches have got historical significance. The fruit is in the size of a small apple. It is usually yellow or whitish in color and has a velvety or a very smooth texture with a juicy pulp.

Peach is also available in red and pink colors. It has a single seed and is oval shaped about 1.3-2 cm long. China is the world's largest producer of peaches.


  • Source of antioxidants
  • High level of Caffeic acid
  • Contains good vitamin C
  • Potassium is in abundance
  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol
  • flavonoids such as lycopene and lutein

Health Benefits

  • Prevents macular degeneration
  • Helps in regulate heart rate and blood pressure
  • Low in calories, which helps prevent obesity
  • Helps in red blood cell formation

Purchase Guide

  • Peach should not have any green tones, which is a sign that the peach was picked too early.
  • Skip over any peaches with wrinkly skin, they were probably kept chilled after harvest for too long and dried out.
  • Look for medium to large-sized peaches to take home whenever possible.

Storage: Peaches can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple more days, but eat them before they start to get wrinkly, which is a sign that they are starting to dry out.

Peachy Creamy Smoothie Recipe

Peachy Creamy Smoothie Recipe

Peaches are low in calories (100 g just provide 39 calories), and contain no saturated fats. Nonetheless, they are packed with numerous health promoting compounds, minerals, and vitamins.

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Peachy Protein Smoothie Recipe

Peachy Protein Smoothie Recipe

The health benefits of peach fruit include relief from hypokalemia, cancer, obesity, cholesterol, blood stasis, and neurodegenerative diseases. It helps in eye care, skin care, maintaining a healthy nervous system, bones, and teeth.

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