Self Discipline for a Healthy Life
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Self-discipline and health go hand in hand. You need to have the discipline if you are looking for good health.First make yourself aware about the wrong lifestyle habits and then feel the urge to make the right choices in life towards health.Following are the few good lifestyle habits that you can adopt:

  • It's important to cut the vegetables and cook them fresh at every meal. Buying pre-cut vegetables means that you have already lost some of  the vitamins.
  • Try to purchase food that is less exposed to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If your body has to work hard to purify the chemicals every time you eat, you'll feel fatigued and toxic.
  • Avoid frozen, canned, packaged, processed, bottled, fermented or leftover foods as they  provide less nourishment for the body, or often has been altered with chemical preservatives and flavorings.
  • Always wash yours hands with soap under running water before eating dinner.Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others
  • Eat in a settled atmosphere to gain maximum vitality from food. If you talk on the phone, watch TV or conduct a business meeting over lunch, your food is not going to digest properly. 
  • Always take a 15 minute walk after dinner.This is one of the best natural ways of improving various functions of our body.Proper chewing and making a habit of walking after eating is the secret for Happy Stomach.